Credit Repair: Your Secret To A Perfect Credit Score


The perfect credit score is one of the most elusive goals for the majority of individuals. In pursuit of the perfect 850 credit score many credit users have actually damaged their scores in a misinformed attempt to achieve such perfection.

But the perfect 850 is achievable, and with our assistance, it’s not a risky endeavor. We’ll help you avoid the traps and learn the secrets to breaking the 800 barrier. First by dispelling some myths and then by giving you the real truth about perfect credit.

3 Common Myths To Avoid

1) Don’t close your accounts. Closing your credit accounts will actually cause your credit scores to be damaged.

2) Don’t transfer your balances. Moving your debt balances around will not help you hide it from the scoring formula.

3) Don’t stop using credit altogether. Not using your credit accounts doesn’t help.

Now that we’ve got the myths out of the way, let’s focus on what can actually help you achieve the elusive perfect credit score. Here’s your roadmap:

5 Tips To A Perfect Credit Score

1) Always pay your bills on time. Self explanatory.
2) Keep your credit card debt under control. Keep your balances low, no more than a third of the credit limit and try and payoff balance at end of month.
3) Focus on longevity Credit scores love stability.
4) Mix it up. The key to a perfect credit score is to have at least one credit card, one home loan, one auto loan, and one student loan on his or her credit report. Each account should be open and active.
5) Don’t apply for too much new credit. Any hard inquiry from an application for credit will hurt your credit score for six or more months. You may want to avoid applications for new accounts entirely if you already have the right mix and are aiming for the perfect credit score.

As you can see, achieving the perfect 850 credit score could require a great deal of planning and time. But a credit score over 800 is reachable if you follow our guidelines and use your credit responsibly.

Plus you can always hire an expert like us to help.

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